以下是 ZNPAS 最新一次的聲明(20160705)


Thank you everyone for your support and patience. We’re very happy and relieved to receive feedback from happy backers who’ve finally got their rewards. However, we’ve also received some not so good feedback. 

Some backers with tracking numbers have informed us about the following occurrences:  

  • (A) They were unable to receive their reward. 
  • (B) They have received the reward package, but ZNAPS is missing. Also, the packages seem to have been tampered with, ie. cut open and then resealed. 
  • (C) The internal components of the adapter were missing. (Only 1 time)

We don’t know the exact reasons for (A) and (B), but many of our helpful backers included some possibilities and reasoning in their feedback: 

  • Incomplete or incorrect address 
  • No one was present to sign for the package Customs withheld the package due to presence of an electronic 
  • Customs may have opened the package for routine/unscheduled inspection and then removed ZNAPS 

As for (C), we’ve already discovered it was a packaging error on our part and we will make improvements to our packaging system to ensure such errors won’t happen for future shipments. 

We are pushing our manufacturer to speed up production, so we can send out another 10,000 shipments in July. From the feedback from our first shipments, we’ve learned that the current method of mailing may not be the best way. We’ve decided to bulk pack to ship to a specific country then distribute the rewards locally, which we believe will eliminate most of the problems and risks of international mailing. We’ve been discussing this option with a few logistics companies all along and it seems like this is the right time to follow through with this plan. The only downside to this would be be a 50% increase of our shipping costs, which we will be more than happy to accept as long as it means our backers will get their rewards in one piece. 


a. 部分收到的贊助者,不願意或無法收件。
b. 部分送出的ZNAPS信件被拆開,ZNAPS被取走。
c. 部分送出的ZNAPS,因包裝出錯,寄到問題零件。
a. & b.,正在查明原因發現:
c. 收到問題反映後,將會重新寄出!



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